Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness – Viviscal review

It is scary to have that hair just pulling out in bunches. It has a lot to do with your vitamin status. No matter how healthy you think you eat it cannot be enough. The biggest cause of hair loss is vitamin deficiency. Your iron stores need to be 70 percent full in order to make sure that your hair is healthy. It will be great for your hair. Vitamin B12 needs to be high. If it is under 400 level, it will not be enough for you and for your hair. For this level of vitamins, you can get vitamin supplements for your hair growth and thickness. These are the vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

1-Solgar Oceanic Silica from Red Algae 25 mg1,027
2-Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules1,624
3-Doctor’s Best MSM Powder with OptiMSM8,671
4-OLLY Undeniable Beauty Gummy, 30 Day Supply4,190
5-Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement1,599

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Vitamins for Hair Growth – Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very essential for hair growth. It has natural antioxidants, and It is good to use it for healthy scalp. When you apply vitamin E to your scalp it helps reduce inflammation. Vitamin E and vitamin E oil massage increases the circulation. You can cut the ends of the capsules to message your hair. After messaging you are going to take a wide comb then You can cover your hair with the shower cap and wait for an hour. It can also reduce your stress. It will help you to prevent hair loss. 

Vitamins for Hair Growth – Vitamin B complex

B12 provides extensive hair Related benefits. It helps create DNA and red blood cells too. Our bodies do not produce it naturally therefore it does not stay in your system for a long time. Vitamin B alone includes many vitamins like B6 and B12. For this reason, it is known as vitamin B complex. The lack of vitamin B7 in the body can lead to hair loss.  Vitamin B seven is equal to Biotin. Vitamin B is a very essential mineral for hair growth.


Zinc prevents hair thinning and hair loss at the same time. It can help you to regulate your hormones. Zinc is important in the healthy functioning of our bodies. Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss. Studies have shown that balding people often display zinc in their system more than others. Hair requires vitamin in order to stay intact. If you are not getting enough essential nutrients it will begin to fall out.  Consuming zinc can Assist in repairing damaged hair. It is one of the best vitamins for hair growth. Zinc is good for hair as well as body. It also helps in stopping premature graying hair.


Vitamins for Hair Growth-Collagen Supplement

Vitamins for Hair Growth – Collagen supplement

Collagen is the most abundant human protein in the body. Collagen supplement increases hair building proteins in the body. You can get the collagen in any imaginable form. You can get it in capsules, serums even in snack bars. Hair is made up from a protein called keratin. Collagen is also a protein and they are made up of 20 building blocks called amino acids. When you get collagen in the form of supplements. Your body breaks eat up into its constituent and proline finds its way to the on your head supporting hair growth.


Vitamins for Hair Growth HairfinityVitamins for Hair Growth – Hairfinity

It comes in the bottle and it is 60 capsules. You can take two of them per day. You have to take it with food. It has vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, biotin, collagen and many other things. It already has a lot of vitamins, so you do not need to get any other vitamin supplements. All of them will help you to promote your hair growth. It will allow your roots to grow thicker. With this supplement you will see hair growth results and hair difference quickly.



Nature Made Folic Acid

Folic acid

Folic acid deficiency could be causing your hair loss. Folic Acid is actually equal to B9 Vitamin. Many people take this vitamin to grow their hair. A less Folic Acid in diets can cause hair loss. This will help your hair follicles to function properly. The body is not able to produce B9 vitamins on its own. Folic acid is found naturally in many foods. There is no upper limit for vitamin nine supplementation from foods. You also have to get enough water with this supplementation of B9 vitamin.

Viviscal Review

Here is the Viviscal review. It is $40-$50. It has 60 tablets inside the box. A product contains several vitamins like Biotin zinc and iron. Viviscal is easy to use. It is easy to access too. You can get it from a local drugstore or online. When you first start to take it, you will take two tablets per day. If you have dyed your hair a lot, put a lot of heat on your hair or permed your hair and have broken damaged hair, this will put that nourishment back into your hair. It needs to be used consistently. You should not miss to take it or skip at all therefore you must use it regularly in order to see any sort of progress.  You will see the differences in three months. This can be the best supplement for hair growth.


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Question and answer

1. How long does it take for Viviscal to start working?

Most of the users can see an improvement after three or four months however you will need six months to see the best results.

2. What is the best supplement for hair growth?

It depends on what you need. If you have an iron deficiency, you must get an iron supplement for your hair growth. If you have vitamin B deficiency, you must get Hairfinity, Vitamin B Complex or Folic Acid. You can get your vitamin supplement depending on what vitamin is missing in your body.

3. How can I stop my hair from thinning and falling around?

You must wash your hair regularly and get a lot of protein with your diet. If you have any vitamin deficiency you should get a vitamin supplement that doctor gave you. You must avoid brushing your wet hair or right after the shower.

4. Can I get Viviscal on Amazon?

Yes, you can get Viviscal, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, Folic Acid, Hairfinity and Collagen Supplement on Amazon.

5. What are the side effects of Viviscal?

It depends on your health and body. It can cause an allergic reaction. People with allergies to some protein meals should not take this complex. If your body’s vitamin levels are good enough. It will not cause any other side effect than allergic reactions.


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